Easy Step-By-Step Dog Training To Make You Look Like A Pro


A dog truely is a man’s best friend. All they ever want to do is please you and make you happy. Dog’s are an amazing pet to have around the house as long as they are obedient. On this site, I will be guiding you through step by step and giving you helpful tips on how to train your dog to be obedient. In my opinion training is one of the most important steps. An uncontroable, hyper, or agressive dog can be a nuscance. Look at it this way. Taking an untrained dog on a walk will only frustrate you to no end. They will try to drag you every which way and if they see another dog they have to check it out. A well trained dog will heel next to you and walk at your pace. It it is less stressful when you have a pet that will listen to your commands. Most pet owners prefer an obedient dog. That’s why you are looking for a dependable way to train your dog to be obedient. This site will guide you in the right direction.There are different techniques on how to train your dog. I will be telling you how I trained my dog to be obedient and how far he has came along since day 1. Good luck training your dog and I hope the information I have given you will help you on your way in having an obendient hunting dog and/or pet.

Socializing Your Puppy (skip this step for now if you don’t have a puppy)

Socializing your pup is the easiest part of the training and you really don’t have to do much work. Socializing plays a big role in your pets life. It will teach it to be calm around strangers, and be friendly around other people’s pets. If you are getting a puppy then you really want to start socializing from day one to 12 weeks old. It is important to get your dog out meeting and greeting people every chance you get. Take your pup to new places so that he is aware of his surroundings, greeting new people is the first part of training. You want your puppy to be comfortable with your family because he will be around you the most. Letting other people handle your puppy, will allow them to gain trust and assurance outside of the home. Having him around other people will teach him to listen and obey commands from them as well as you. The next part of this training is making it get use to having his mouth, ears, paws, and nails messed with. This is really a good thing to start out when they are just a puppy because when the vet has to check him out he will be more calm than he would if you wouldn’t even bothered with them. For messing with his mouth all you do is push his lips up and look at his teeth and make sure you get to touch them and just basically mess around. Ears lift them up, blow into them (lightly) and put your finer just right on the inside of their ear. Paws, just lift them up touch them and put it back down. The nails you can actually do when you have one of his paw, and you just kind of touch them. While doing all that you want to try and do it longer each time. While he is fighting it, just keep on doing it until he stop. When he stops. You stop.

Three Phases of Training

In this step you will be teaching you dog in three different phases: Teach, repetition, and discipline. Teach, when your dog hears the command the first time he has no idea what you are trying to do or even what it means. That is why we are going to teach them what you expect by showing them. Them most important thing in the teaching phase is keep on reminding yourself to take the time and Teach thoroughly what the meaning of each command is. Repetition, the more reps your dog does the better he will be. Make sure you give your dog enough reps before moving onto the next step. Then you will run  into problems like, stbbornness and you have to ask yourself did I do enough reps for my dog to master the command. Nothing is just good enough keep on doing reps until your dog has mastered the command, otherwise you have a chance your dog will be stubborn. Just because he does good one or two days doesn’t mean you can go on to the next command, typically it will take about 4-7 days, all depends on how your dog is, to actually be good. Discipline, discipline isn’t justified if you didn’t take the time to teach the command what it means and then repeat it until you know he knows the command. It would be pointless to discipline your dog on doing something wrong when taught the command and rushed the repetion phase. All you are doing is setting yourself and your dog for failure, so just remember make sure your dog knows what it means and he had enough time to preactice it before you start disciplining him. Remember keep the training fun, have trainer discipline, consistency, and never give a command you can’t reinforce.

Sit, Heel, Come, Place, and Kennel

As I said above you need to teach your dog the commands you are giving him. The best way to start training your dog is by treat training and any kind of treat will work.

  1. Sit
    1. Make sure your dog is next toyou and they are not sitting down already. If they are make them stand up
    2. Put your hand on his spine lined up with his back hips
    3. While saying the command sit, push downward to make him sit and soon as their butts hit the ground, release the treat and keep repeating this step
    4. After the first day or two, you dog will catch on and start sitting without you putting pressure on his back end. When he starts doing this repeat the steps but stop the treats, but still apply pressure when needed.
    5. Once you don’t need the pressure on his back end switch to a choke collare. A choke collar is a collare to allows you to apply pressure but lets you release pressure quickly. In this step make sure the collar is too loose for him to slip his head out but yet not too tight.
    6. Once you give the sit command pull up on your leash, which will pull up on the choke collar, applying pressure and once their butts hit the ground, release the leash. This will only take about two or three days.
    7. Nest step would be a shock collar and a shock collar works well when you have him off the leash, but don’t let them off the leash if they don’t know the command here.
    8. While the dog is next to you give the command to sit, with the shock collar on low setting give him a little buzz and once their butts hit the ground, release the shock and praise him keep repeating this until he has mastered it without you having to shock him. It will take about two days.
  2. Heel
    1. With the leash atached to your dogs collar, start walking, having a nice firm grip on the leash but don’t walk to fast in the begining.
    2. If he lundges out in front of you or falls back behind, give him short little tugs and say the command “heel”, to let him know it means to stay next to you while you are walking. Don’t try to correct your dog with long constant pulls because then you be playing a game of tug of war with your dog.
    3. Once he starts getting the hang of it, try doing zig-zags, turning left or right, and do figure eights. Keep in mind only do short tugs to correct your dog if he keeps walking straight or falls behind.
    4. Once he starts getting the hang of it, still with the leash on his regular collar, put on the shock collar.
    5. Start walking and when he messes up give him a quick shock and little tug, by then he should come right to you and stay by your side the whole time.
    6. If he doesn’t seem like he is getting it, go back to the three phases of training and start asking yourself questions like, did I give him enough time to teach him the command, did I give him enough reps for him to get it to move on the next step.
  3. Come
    1. Start out by having the leash connected to your dogs collar and a treat in one hand.
    2. While he is next to you have him sit
    3. To start out walk a couple feet away then turn around
    4. While facing your dog, say the command, “come” or “here” and give him little tugs
    5. Once he gets to you give him the treat and praise him
    6. Once he starts understanding the command “here” or “come” put the choke chain and stop giving treats but still parise him.
    7. Next put on shock collar after he starts to understand it better
    8. With shock collar on, say the command and give him a little buzz
    9. After a few times doing this he will eventually come with out you having to do any sort of pressure
  4. Place
    1. To teach your dog place you can use anything but I used a ruff stand which is a platform you take with you where your dog sits on when you go hunting so you won’t be in the water, but you can use anything in this step.
    2. First place your platform on the ground and have your dog sit next to it.
    3. with the leash on his collar say the command “place” and pull him over to the platform.
    4. Once he is on the platform, give him the treat  and praise him.
    5. Next when he starts getting the hang of the command platform and you know he knows what it means, put the choke chain on and the leash goes on the choke chain and remove the treats, then repeat steps 2-4 ( just praise him, no treat)
    6. Finally he should be doing better and with little or no pressure from the choke chain put on the shock collar and repeat steps 2-4.